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Telcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. An open-source project aimed to provide users with a low-cost, efficient, yet secure experience for users to send digital remittances via mobile platforms and e-wallets. TEL is the native cryptocurrency, and it is used in the Telcoin ecosystem for making payments.

When was TELCOIN invented ?

Telcoin was Developed in 2017 by a Singapore-based organization with vision to make money transfer smarter than before. Even though technology around us, but wiring money internationally is a fragmented experience that ends up taking a lot of time that involves a lot of money in the form of transaction costs and levies.

How Does Telcoin Work?

Telcoin is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it uses the PoC (Proof-of-Concept) approach rather than validators for transactional consistencies. Before validating any transaction, it verifies whether or not it has some real-world feasibility. 

Key Features of Telcoin

  • Affordable
  • Instantaneous transfers
  • Mobile friendly
  • API integration
  • Security
  • Incentivized adoption
  • Supports multiple wallets



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