What is Metadium? A Quick Overview of Metadium Blockchain | Crypto Currency Metadium

Metadium is a total identity solution that give ownership of your data back to you.

The goal of the Metadium project is to create a next-generation identity ecosystem powered by a public ID blockchain platform. In this ecosystem, everyone has the control over their own identity and personal information.

Metadium Architecture

Metadium has a three-tier structure that contains three layers - a platform, protocol, and a service.

Metadium Platform - The core of the Metadium project is the Metadium public ID blockchain platform. A public blockchain refers to a blockchain that allows anyone to participate and share the information on the network.

Metadium Protocol - A protocol refers to a set of rules for your computer to communicate with other computers or the Internet. Metadium is currently in the process of developing a "Meta ID" protocol. This protocol will be used to develop Metadium services, that`s a third layer.

Metadium Services - Metadium Services can be availed in varios forms like mobile application, web applications etc


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